Magazine Submission Details:

1. HOW to submit = All images to be 300dpi resolution unmarked jpeg.

2. Can be sent via dropbox, wetransfer, googledrive etc to the email address.

3. Release form = for permission we either need the photographers release form, or ours, or written permission (email/message) from the photographer giving permission for usage.

4. IF we receive images NOT 300dpi jpeg, marked images, with no information they will be instantly deleted and we will not contact you back to advise.

5. Information required = names to be used in a feature, and social media links for all involved, if you wish to provide a bio or image bio, we can happily take and use also.



Deadlines / Info:

With all submissions the deadline for each issue is 10th of each month – this should not be used as a target, if the issue is full before the end of the submission deadline, images will be moved to the following issue.

All submissions are downloaded on a Weekly Sunday basis (unless time sensitive) BUT none are viewed until the first day of deadline.

ONLY successful submissions will be notified of acceptance.

Any submissions that do not meet the requirement for print, will not be used, and you will not be notified of this.

Any submission info MUST be checked by you before sending to make sure all names and spelling of names and links is correct, any mistakes cannot be rectified after going to print.




1. Can anyone submit? Absolutely, anyone, anytime. BUT remember we always need both parties permission (model & photographer).

2. How many images can I send? Minimum 4, maximum 10.

3. How do I get cover? By WOWing us, simple as that. The team then decide who gets the cover.

4. Can I send images over social media? ONLY for us to look at. As social media image quality is not of a high enough quality to put in a magazine.

5. What is hi-resolution? IF you send a picture over social media..that isn’t it. Photographers know that magazine quality images are 300dpi. Just because an image may be 10-20 inches in height etc does NOT mean it is high resolution.

6. Do I get tear sheets? NO, plain and simple, with the magazine going into full print, it has been made significantly and drastically cheaper to buy (almost £20+ cheaper , yes thats twenty pounds! than the previous price) so it is far more viable and cost effective to buy.