Welcome to the Twisted Edge Custom Shop.

We know that sometimes, you want that bit more than just a logo, so now we have made it possible to add your own custom text/logo to merchandise, and in various places. So you select the item, tell us WHERE you want what adding, then email us WHAT you want going in that space. PLEASE remember when it comes to any logo, this is vinyl print and too intricate/complex a design might not work, so if you want to know before hand, get in touch.

So, you can see on the pic above, the basic areas of WHERE you can add your custom details. Now its a case of telling us WHAT you want and where.
As an example guide on price:
T-Shirt £13, Text on Front Centre & BackTop = £16 plus delivery.
(thats just £1.50 per line of text)
So email us at:
With the following information:
1. Which area/s.
2. What you want in that area (text or image).
3. What item you want it on (Vest Top, T-Shirt etc) and how many.
4. We then proof it all, send you an image of the final design for approval and give you a price including delivery. 
5. After approval we then create a separate invoice for you to pay safe and securely.