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    In need of premium, high quality video content? Then simply look no further than Behind The Scenes Media Production - first class, all the time, everytime.

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    An exciting new events company catering specifically to the gothic and alternative content creators out there. Their unique focus sets them apart from the rest, as they strive to create unforgettable experiences for the fetish-minded community.

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    Welcome to Cloud9Adults, the pinnacle of adult toy brands in the UK, created to address the frustrations of searching through multiple sites for the perfect pleasure products.

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  • Here at Twisted Edge, were not just about the easy visuals, occasionally we come across the written word, that is so good, we have to give it some attention.

    One such piece of written word is the latest instalment by R.E. Karman - Crazy In Bed: The Self-Actualization of Rebecca Rinaldi (Book 1)

    This book, is so current, potent and entertaining, its hard to put down, full of insightful non-over the top humour, realistic scenarios, modern day issues and situations that a lot of people can seriously relate to.

    As a book, this delivers on many fronts, the thrill, and excitement, the fantasy and realism all delivering on point. in all the right ways.

    Richard has done an outstanding job, and we cant wait for book 2.

    Click the link under the book cover picture, and grab your copy now, you wont be diissapointed.