Welcome to Twisted Edge, for 10 years (as of June 2023) the biggest alternative lifestyle magazine around. Always developing, evolving and continually moving forwards to be the best at what we do in digital and print magazines.


With a simple mission: To deliver constant quality in a world of magazines, like no other, to give a place to all, no matter style, gender, race, experience, who want to be showcased in the right ways, whether model, photographer, creative or brand.


So whether in a magazine, on a Twisted Edge/13 Events photoshoot day, solo shoots with our in house photographers, safety and enjoyment are our key responsibilities for you, as is also to provide the best in modern quality.


As of September 2023, we made the long awaited decision to move into full UK print, like magazines 'used to be'. This way we stopped using Magcloud as our magazine provider, as the costs to customers was excessive. The entire back catalogue of 352 magazines is still on there from when we first started, up until August 2023. So anyone looking for previous issues will find them by clicking the Magcloud logo below.